1 ) Requirement

Minimum age 18 years old, by Italian low anyone under 21 can only ride motorcycles with less than 25KW (34HP) Document required : Valid motorcycle driving license, ID identity document or passport. The landlord consign to the renter the motorcycle in good overall condition and the renter will consign back the motorcycle in the same good overall conditions at the end of rental period. The renter declare to have verified the motorcycle is in good overall condition. The renter commit himself to do not declare false informations about his personal details (age, address, license) dismissing the Landlord from every consequence. The landlord reserves the right to terminate the agreement and repossess the motorcycle at any time at renter’s expenses if motorcycle is used in breach of art. In case the renter stipulate the contract on behalf of a third part he will respond with the third part of the execution of obligations of this contract.

2 ) Renter Commitment

The driver commit himself to: have the homologated helmet well locked, carry the passenger with homologated helmet well locked, guard the motorcycle with maximum diligence and respecting all the rules of law. Use the Motorcycle with attention and caution, do not use the motorcycle in challenge and race. Every damage on the motorcycle produced from negligence and malice will be at the expense of the renter. The payment of contraventions, tickets and parking notified during the rental period. The payment of any expense (after the presentation of an invoice) included legal cost paid from the Landlord because of a misbehave of the renter during the rental period. Consign the motorcycle in good overall condition as well he found it. Do not have any real right on the rented vehicle and accessories supplied, therefore, do not be able to have it anyway. Use the motorcycle personally and do not give way/sell it to third part. Use the motorcycle in state/nations reported on green card Do not use the Motorcycle to carry person with fee. Do not use the Motorcycle under the influence of drugs, Alcool and narcotics. Do not use the motorcycle in forbidden area

3) Landlord liability limitation

The Landlord cannot be responsible in case of any kind of damage at the renter cause any defect of the motorcycle or road accident. The Landlord cannot be responsible in case of any kind of damage verified after theft, Conflict. Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, the landlord cannot be held liable for any harm or injures occurred during the use of rental.

4) Booking and cancellations

30% booking fee will be imposed on receiving the booking confirmation by mail, fax or by telephone. The deposit will become not refundable. The remaining 70% of total rental will be paid at pick up. In case of cancellation 30 days before from rental start the deposit can be used as deposit for an other rental up to the end of the following season. In case of cancellation between 30 and 15 days prior to rental start we will keep the 30% charged as deposit, from 15 to 0 days from rental start you loose the entire rental fee. Landlord will always strive to supply the reserved motorcycles. However in case this may not be possible (e.g. the previous rental customer has damaged the motorcycle booked few days prior to the rental commencement). The Landlord will supply an alternative, possibly equivalent motorcycle. In the event it’s would not be possible the landlord will provide a complete rental fee refund. The landlord will not be liable for money above the cost of the rental charge.

5 ) Pick up and drop off

The motorcycle is consigned in the rental stations shown on the web site or in other places in according with the renter. It’s forbidden to drop off the motorcycle during the rental station closing time and the motorcycle has to be consigned in the presence of an officer. In case of late drop off, more than 50 minutes on time agreed the renter will have to pay a penal. The motorcycles has to be consigned back with all accessories, keys and documents otherwise the renter will have to pay a penal. In case of anticipate drop off there are no way for refund. The vehicle is consigned with a full tank petrol and must be returned with the same amount, otherwise the Landlord will charged a penal cost. The week end start from Friday at 3PM till Monday at 11.30 AM.

6 ) Damage Security Deposit

Every motorcycle has damage deposit. The damage deposit will be taken in the form of a mechanical credit card slip signed by the renter (not charging money, just helding). The renter has to be sure to have enough funds to cover the rental price and all other costs in case of damage or theft. The deposit is normally the maximum liability for theft or damage to the motorcycle. The deposit can also be used to pay the cost of keys and documents loss. The deposit can also be used to pay third part when the Landlord have to pay the the excess of the insurance. Renter agrees to accept the debit to his credit card account of any charges incurred.

7 ) Insurance

All vehicles are requested by italian law to have third party liability insurance. All our motorcycles for rent are covered against damage towards third parties except damage to the driver. During the rental period if there is a loss of the vehicle or damage of any kind, including theft, the renter will be liable to the landlord for the amount corresponding to the loss, damage and any additional expense incurred. Full insurance with a deductible price is available under request. In case of damages with renter fault, the damage deposit will be cashed in by the rental company and once the repair is done you will get a refund only if the bill is less than the damage deposit. All charges will be substantiated by invoices of the work done. Therefore the renter is not secured by insurance: For damages resulting from accidents between rental bikes, in this case bikes are not covered by the third party liability insurance. For damages when the renter is not able to give documents to reconstruct an event or to the identification of the vehicle investor. For damages to the renter, passengers and their goods. For damages in any race, test or contest For damages when the renter is under the influence of alcool or drugs. For damages resulting from accident not reported in the prescribed time. For damages resulting from the renter’s gross misconduct. For damages happened in nations out from the green card. For damages for liability and property damage to third parties and things beyond the limits of the policy For damages causes by vandalism, explosions, fires, earthquakes. In the event of the bike is confiscated by the police for circumstances depending on the renter’s negligence, the renter will be held liable for rent for the time the vehicle remains in police custody and for any additional charges related to this offence. theft / fire In case of theft or fire or attempted theft the renter is obliged to bring a regular report to the authorities (Police or Carabinieri) showing original copy to the landlord. The damage is the sole responsibility of the customer in the event of misconduct or gross negligence of the renter, if the Customer does not return the keys to the landlord, in cases where the insurance does not fully compensate the damage. The Landlord may, at its sole discretion, not to grant a replacement vehicle in case of theft, fire or serious accident to the rental vehicle, regardless of the reasons that caused the event. The rental price is due until the date booked and untill the date of delivery of the copy of denunciation.Full insurance with a deductible price is available under request at 10 euro per day.

8 ) Accidents

In case of accident the renter is obliged to: immediately inform the Landlord by telephone or mail by sending in the next 12 hours the CID filled in in detail, or in absence of CID, the detailed denunciation of the facts; Inform the closest police Teke note of every name and address of the parts and witness included the details of Insurance companies of the other vehicle involved. Strictly follow the instructions that will provide the Landlord regarding the custody and/or repair of the vehicle. The renter shall refund the landlord for any damage caused to the vehicle or parts and accessories, and to pay the administrative expenses of the accident. The renter agrees to notify within 12 hours of its nature, each accident (even minimal) occurred during the period of rental.

9 ) Technical damages

In case of technical damages not imputable to the renter, and that precludes the possibility of use of the vehicle, the landlord will possibly replace the vehicle with a similar. The Landlord agrees to refund to the renter the amount spent for repairs due to failure of the vehicle just in case they have been authorized by the landlord and in presence of regular invoice addressed to the Landlord. Repairs with bills and invoices not approved by the landlord will not be refunded. Every tyre hole must be repaired under the economic responsibility of the renter and it must be notified to the Landlord. The abandonment of the vehicle without the authorization of the landlord shall include the obligation of renter to pay all expenses direct and indirect needed to recover the vehicle plus a penal of € 2000,00.

10 ) Accessories

  • Full insurance with deductible price 10,00€ per day
  • Returning the motorcycle after closing time rental station extra € 50,00 within 59 minutes, over 59 minutes will be charged an extra day.
  • In case of delay in return than agreed within 2 hours will be charged an extra of 30€.
  • Returning motorcycles on public holidays (including Sundays) without authorization by the Landlord extra € .50,00

11 ) Penalties

  • Loss-damage-theft documents/registration€ 250,00
  • Loss-damage-theft keys € 500,00
  • Loss-damage-theft registration plate € 700,00
  • Abandonment Motorcycle € 2000,00

12) Price Sardinia and Venice

rentals made in Olbia (Sardinia) and Lido di Jesolo (Venice) have a extra charge of 10%

13) The Italian version will prevail in case of conflict with translated text.